Lakshadweep Cruise

Welcome to the world of corals. A whole new experience awaiting you. Enjoy a stress-free, adventure vacation, or chill out on the beaches of this island group. The expertly managed cruises and packages gives you variety of options to choose from. There are sight-seeing places, guest house and scuba diving spots.

SPORTS, the government agency operates the Samudram Package from Cochin to Lakshadweep and back, on the m.v. Kavaratti. Guests should arrive in Kochi at least a day prior to embarkation, and proceed to Willingdon Island where the ship would be docked. Indian tourists and foreigners are allowed on the Samudram package.

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There are usually four sailings each month, between October and May. The cruise takes you to different islands in Lakshadweep, allowing you to soak in the sun and the sea. The travellers visit islands during the daytime, have food on the seashore, watch local performances and go sight-seeing, and return to the ship’s cabins for spending the nights.

Riverside Heritage is just six km from the boarding centre; it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to reach the place.

Day 1 – Leaving for Lakshadweep
Check out from Riverside Heritage at 9 30am and proceed to Lakshadweep Cruise office.
Report by 10 am, to pick up the cruise tickets and boarding passes.
All the formalities will be taken care of by the SPORTS officials. After this, you’ll be taken to the ship boarding centre for a security check. The travellers are sent in groups by mini-buses to the ship waiting at the port.
Diamond class cabins accommodate two persons each. There are announcement speakers that broadcast information regarding disembarkation, meal times, lost and found items and the day’s itinerary.
In the Recreation room on the fourth floor is where you’ll be briefed about the Samudram package, shown safety videos, instructed on safety measures in case of a calamity and then you can watch a video about Lakshadweep tourism.
Kadmat and Kavaratti, two main islands, will be visited on the first two days.

Day 2 - Onward to the islands
During the day, you can visit different areas of the ship that are open to civilians.
The ship usually reaches Lakshadweep by 8.30am, and it’s wise to keep your bags and things packed before breakfast, so that you’re all ready to disembark soon.

Day 3 - Kadmat Island and beaches
The coral reef under the water gives it a light hue that you can see from the ship itself. The lagoons are warm and bright during the day, beckoning you for a dive.
Motorboats transport passengers and tourists form the ship to the island and back, later at night. Tourists are asked to keep a change of clothes, medicines and essentials with them on day excursions. The eight-km-long Kadmat Island is a diver’s paradise.
After arriving on the other side of the island, you can join the team for water sports and games. Food will be served here and you can return to the ship after dinner.
After lunch, guests can watch a folk dance performance by local artistes. You can also go for a post-lunch walk on the coral-strewn beach – just make sure you have good footwear. In the evening, there’s a visit to the desiccated coconut factory at Kadmat, coir rope factory and more beaches.

Day 4 – Kavaratti - the capital of Lakshadweep
It would be the third day on the ship, and most travellers would have gotten used to it. Kadmat and Kavaratti are hardly 150km apart, and the ship would reach by the time you’ve had a nice sleep.
Kavaratti is busier than other islands as it’s the capital. There will be snorkeling, kayaking, sea swimming and other water sports. A glass bottom boat ride is totally worth it.
After a sumptuous lunch, you can now head to the Marine aquarium and museum, about two km down the beach. Tourists can walk around and interact with natives on the beach, have tea and then head back to the ship.

Day 5 – Back to Kochi
Leave the islands with delightful memories to share with people back home.
Return to Kochi to catch your train/ flight back.